UBTS exists to empower communities and improve people's lives through the transformative power of technology. 




Broadband Solutions
  • Fixed Wi-Fi Broadband Services to B2C (individuals), B2B (Enterprises, Governments, Hospitals, Hotels etc.,)

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot services to Café’s, Public Parks, Airports etc.,

  • Support devices to enable PC’s with wireless capabilities (Wi-Fi Network Cards)


End-Users Digital Services
  • Training and Education services

  • Offline & Online content delivery service

  • Next Generation Digital Platform services (IoT/M2M) with Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Big Data


Embedded & IoT Devices
  • Industrial IoT services (IoT as a Service)

  • Programmable Targeted Advertisement services

  • Effective and Efficient Edge Computing by providing integrated solutions and software modules that enable IoT connectivity, data manageability and analytics in the edge.

  • Employ the use of wireless IoT nodes—i.e. LoRa, Bluetooth, WiFi, NB-IoT, and Sigfox to support multi-interface, data acquisition, power management, and flexible.



UBTS International (UBTS-I) is an internationally licensed telecom infrastructure and digital platform think tank company headquartered in the USA.  The company has offices, strategic partnerships, and affiliates throughout the continent of Africa and worldwide.  Our team of global directors, advisors, and process owners include industry  thought leaders having prolific years of strategic, tactical and operational experiences delivering Telecoms and Blockchain solutions to Fortune 500, B2C, B2B, midsized businesses, startups, and governments-domestic and foreign.

UBTS-I is led by Mr. Armand Gaetan Ngueti, Ph.D. (candidate) and Dr. Frank Lee Harper, Jr.   Mr. Ngueti, the Founder, CEO, and Global  Evangelist, is an Information Technology & Systems Architect, Industry 4.0 Global Specialist and Serial Digital Entrepreneur.  He has travelled and trained over 6000 students, educators and government officials across 13 countries in Africa on digital literacy, network access adoption and infrastructure technology skills. 

Mr.  Ngueti professionally resides between the USA and the Republic of Cameroon a country in the continent of Africa is the CEO for UBTS Cameroon PLC an affiliate company of UBTS-I.  He is a recognized technology expert and educator by Microsoft Corporation, Government Blockchain Association, Africa Blockchain Institute, Cameroon Achievers (A Selected List of 20 CEOs recognized to lead change in Cameroon), Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cameroon, to name a few.  He is also Founder and Chairman of NGUETI IT SOLUTIONS, a digital business strategy firm along with other successful technology business ventures.  Currently, Armand is an Executive Doctorate candidate in Business Administration and Management at Universite Paul Valery - Montpellier III. 

Dr.  Frank Lee Harper, Jr., Ph.D., DBA (candidate), is a proven leader [Executive Consultant, CTO, CIO, Director,  and Corporate Educator]; serves as UBTS' President and Chief Global Governance Officer.   In addition, Dr. Harper serves as University Provost & Associate Professor of Agile Leadership and Project Management, for Cambridge Corporate University a world leader in corporate education and an affiliate of a Switzerland-based conglomerate having offices, businesses, representatives and subsidiaries in 19 countries on 4 continents.  He is a distinguished scholar, industrial engineer, technology leader, serial entrepreneur,  unconventional strategist, think tank mastermind, and agile leadership coach who is adept at championing innovation and excellence to streamline data-driven processes and transformative uses of information and communications technology (ICT) to create Digital Platforms  and Ecosystems.

Professor Dr. Harper, who is the founder and global champion of Agile Leadership concepts, leverages his global real-world experiences to lecture, mentor, and coach the leadership behaviors and management best practices for connecting business strategy, transformation ambition, performance analytics, and execution discipline to business executives and professionals worldwide.  He coined the term  "Strategic Hustler (TM)" to describe the intelligent-tenacious leadership style needed to transform a stagnant business model into an agile business model to enable global blue ocean digital business creation, survival, and growth in the  21st century and beyond.  A published author, his book "A.G.I.L.E. L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P.  with a G.R.I.P. (TM)" provides a world-class framework of specific leadership behaviors and management best practices for leading and managing disruptive personal and professional  transformation worldwide.  His teachings on agile leadership concepts have been received in over 50 countries.


Improve people’s lives through the transformative power of technology.


Empower Communities.


"THE UBTS DIFFERENCE" is our unique and proven capability to  provide the following value-creating services:

- Wi-Fi Broadband State-of-the-Art new deployment & technology enhancements 

- Blockchain As A Service

- SD-WAN Managed Service

- Industry 4.0 implementation stack

- Smart City Architecture, Design & Implementation

- Local Startup Capacity Building

- Digital Platform Services 

- IoT implementation framework & devices

- Education and Training



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