Empower communities.

UBTS exists to empower communities and improve people's lives through the transformative power of technology.


UBTS Cameroon S.A. is the Cameroonian subsidiary of Universal Broadband & Technology Services (UBTS) International Corp.  which is a US-based think-tank of next-generation telecommunications and digital platforms with subsidiaries in Africa. 

UBTS's collaborative, people-centred approach is orchestrated in association with international telecommunications think tanks [Wireless Broadband Alliance*, Telecom Infra Project*] and local affiliates to promote, support and implement economic development programs based on the latest technologies. 

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 We leverage the right ecosystem of partners through "THE UBTS DIFFERENCE": our unique and proven capability to provide mutual value-creating services.

Broadband Solutions

Mobile and Fixed Wi-Fi Broadband Services to B2C (individuals), B2B (Enterprises, Governments, Hospitals, Hotels etc.,).

End-Users Digital Services

Next Generation Digital Platform Services (IoT/M2M) with Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Big Data.


A Framework for Architecting a Universal Approach on how to Harness the Full Potential of SOCIAL, MOBILE, ANALYTICS and CLOUD

Broadband Clients Connections
Successful Case Studies on Next Generation Broadband in Douala
Wi-Fi Business Verticals Verified with Strong Trials Delivered 

Our mission

Improve people's lives through the transformative power of technology.

Our vision

Empower communities.

5,000,000 people, covered by Open Telecom Technologies in Cameroon by 2025.

Join us and make the right move.