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UBTS through its affiliated company in Cameroon just signed a strategic partnership with DTA

UBTS through its affiliated company in Cameroon just signed a strategic partnership agreement with Digital Transformation Alliance (DTA) through its technological and commercial branch DIGIT-TECH-INNOV SOLUTIONS & SERVICES

This agreement comes at a key moment when UBTS decides to operationally deploy its research and development department locally in Cameroon by orchestrating the collective brain of young people in search of opportunities and challenges.

The mission of the DTA consists of:

- Promote the acceleration of the adoption and mastery of digital transformation and cutting-edge engineering capabilities with a view to a sustainable and inclusive social economy;

- Inspire an inclusive and sustainable structural, industrial and technological transformation of African societies based on the tools, processes and environments of the 4th technological and industrial revolution;

- Promote the creation of professions adapted to development, industrialization, digital innovations and value creation;

- Promote capacity building;

This Agreement aims to establish a framework for co-creation, promotion and implementation of impactful projects:

- For the technological, operational and organizational transformation of

the economic ecosystem of Cameroon;

- To encourage the creation of professions adapted to the requirements of industrialization and transformation (Adequacy of professions and employability);

- For all other activities likely to generate added value for the two parts ;

- It is more precisely:

o To develop and carry out industrialization and structural and digital transformation projects and the implementation of innovative solutions supported by its technological and commercial entity DTI

o Develop and execute content for mastering technologies and processes through advanced training and promotion of entrepreneurship

o To develop a framework for practical internships, theses and dissertations for students, pupils and other people in training;

o To promote the transfer of technological and professional expertise, visits and exchanges;

o The pooling of services and platforms of both parties;

o To carry out research, studies, publications, workshops and conferences;

o Development, prototyping and manufacturing of technological and industrial innovations;

o Coaching and support for Management in the context of transformation and leadership.

All of these under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Mbang Sama, founder at Digital Transformation Alliance (DTA) and Armand Gaetan NGUETI, UBTS’ Founder, Global Evangelist & CEO and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Lee Harper, Jr. PhD, UBTS’ Founding member, President & Global Chief Governance Officer.

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