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UBTS’ Founder met with Arravo’s CEO Ayo Adegboye PhD at Arravo’s headquarter in Lagos, Nigeria

It was an intense moment full of prospective and enlightenment as both companies are very complementary in the quest of industry 4.0 excellence in #Africa.

Arravo is a fully indigenous company, ‘glocal’ as they like to say, meaning that they are a local company with a growing national and regional footprint, global culture, corporate governance and values.

ARRAVO’s vision is to be the leading IOT enabler for human-to-human interaction by the year 2025.

With over 300 of the finest ICT minds in Nigeria, Arravo spearhead innovation and brought together the world’s best technologies, from business advisory services, risk and service management, Cloud and Digital transformation as well as strategic ICT planning and execution.

As UBTS is scheduled to scale in Nigeria after Cameroon, the timing is just perfect for such meeting to happen.

Stay tuned for updates on the matter.

Special appreciations to Muyiwa Ogundiya, a visionary young professional (right in the picture) based out of Lagos for the assistance on making this happen.

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