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At the end of the last board of directors and after confirmation of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders of the company, Alphonse NAFACK was confirmed as new Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBTS Cameroun S.A. The latter replaced at this time position Dr Henri TAFOU who has supported the company since its creation in 2019 and remains on the board of directors.

Alphonse Nafack is a Cameroonian banker and former Managing Director of Afriland First Bank. Well anchored in the corridors of finance in Cameroon, even in the sub-region and in Africa, he is also the former President of the Professional Association of Credit Establishments of Cameroon and also a major player in the educational sector of his country being the promoter of JFN Hightech University Institute and JFN CENTER.

Alphonse Nafack has a career in finance of just over 30 years, and has climbed all the ranks. He started as a commitment controller and became Managing Director of Afriland First Bank in 2012. In 2015, he was its Managing Director. He replaces Alamine Ousmane Mey who became Minister of Finance of Cameroon at the time. Alphonse Nafack was director of this financial institution for 10 years before leaving his position in accordance with COBAC regulations.

He remains a shareholder and co-owner of the bank.

In 2015 and until 2022, he became President of Apeccam, the organization which represents banks and financial establishments established in Cameroon. A graduate of economics and ITB in Paris (1986), this former executive of the former BICIC, a subsidiary of BNP, joined Afriland First Bank in 1993, where he has continued to evolve.

Patriarch of the Cameroon Business Group (GECAM), leader and tireless builder, his great involvement in different companies and institutions is symptomatic of his desire to contribute to the building of an emerging Cameroon.

Alphone Nafack is CEO of key institutions in the education and entrepreneurship sector in Cameroon. His thoughts on the role of professional training are informed by the experiences of his three decades of investment in the sector. For him, education is a key weapon for changing society.

Welcome Chairman.

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