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Joel Nana KONTCHOU joins UBTS International Corp' Board of Directors

Updated: Sep 16

We are thrilled to announce and welcome Mr. Joel Nana Kontchou as a Board of Directors member at UBTS International Corp.

M. KONTCHOU is a CEO / Managing Director, Board Member, Investor, Community Leader and

Senior Professional with 35+ years of global experience in the Energy Industry (electricity, oil & gas).

He is a dynamic and transformational leader who drives revenue growth and meets or surpasses goals through pragmatic strategy development, positive culture building, employee education, and data analytics. He possesses a strong affinity for enhancing operational excellence and good governance in internationally oriented and intellectually challenging environments.

M. KONTCHOU is the former Chief Executive Officer at Energy of Cameroon (ENEO) Eneo Cameroon S.A., a company with 3,700 employees and more than 1.3 million customers. Eneo is Cameroon's private-public partnership utility, providing electrical power generation and distribution to the nation.

On behalf of our company chairman MAX SUTHERLAND and President Prof. Dr. Frank Lee Harper, Jr., PhD, Dr. (Cand.), PMP, CGEIT, SCT, LSSBB, ITIL, CAI-GB , M. KONTCHOU we wish you welcome at UBTS International Corp. as a Board of Directors member.

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