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GREAT News Alert from Cameroon 🇨🇲 OpenRoaming technology just went live at a shopping complex

OpenRoaming technology just went live at a shopping complex hosting 8 stores selling more than a thousand and more different brands including jewelry, fashion, sports apparel, and groceries. This is the most secure and user-experience-friendly way of accessing Public WiFi networks with zero-touch Africa has never witnessed before.

This move from UBTS is to enhance shoppers' and visitors’ seamless and secured connectivity experience giving an edge to brands and stores to explore new business models and extend customer satisfaction & experience.

This is also a tremendous opportunity to run continuous experiments with the local startup ecosystem as the open technology stack deployed provides a layer of co-creation on IoT, AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and so on …

We at UBTS are dedicated to always anticipating our customer needs and driving innovation all the way to their daily experiences as fast as possible.

All of these technical achievements have been made possible by the incredible work and dedication of the team at UBTS Cameroon S.A. under the leadership of Alain Jiongo who the acting CEO at UBTS Cameroon S.A.

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